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december 3,  tips for Field dogs by dr. tony schumann.

There's an old saying: a dog can take a ton of cold but only an ounce of heat.  That's true,  but too much cold can still cause your dog considerable discomfort, and in extreme cases, even death. 

Hypothermia is a danger primarily when a dog is cold and wet.  Cold, dry weather alone is rarely enough to trigger a hypothermia reaction, especially if the dog is running.  But add water, either in the form of rain, a river the fog has plunged into or something similar, and a dog can get hypothermic in a hurry.

If you suspect your dog is getting hypothermic, warm him up any way you can.  Towel him dry, put him under the heater of your car, but get him out of the elements.  When treated quickly, most dogs recover with no problems, but it never hurts to have a vet check post hunt.

A great preventative is a neoprene vest along with booties to prevent ice balls from developing between their toes.

Finally, dogs that hunt in the cold weather need increased calories to keep them warm, so you can up their food intake by as much as 50%, depending upon how much they are working.  It is best to feed them after the hunt, not before it, however.  Also, make sure they drink water while they're exercising.  They may not act thirsty, but they will run better and last longer if they are properly hydrated.

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